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Your health is more at risk in Cambodia than most other parts of South- East Asia due to poor sanitation and a lack of effective medical treatment facilities. If you fall seriously ill in Cambodia you should return to Phnom Penh, as it is the only place in the country with decent emergency treatment.

Pharmacies in the large towns are remarkably well stocked and you don't need a prescription to get your hands on anything from antibiotics to anti-malaria. Prices are very reasonable, but do check the expiry date as some medicines may have been on the shelves for a long time. Don't let this make you unnecessarily paranoid. Travel health depends on your pre-departure preparations and general level of health. While the potential dangers can seem quite frightening, in reality few travelers experience anything more than upset stomachs.
We strongly recommend you have adequate medical insurance before arriving in Cambodia. In the event of a medical emergency we recommend you contact the following:
House 161, Street 51, Sang-Kat Boeung Peng, Khon Doun Penh Phnom Penh
Admin Tel (855) (23) 216 911
Clinic Tel (855) (23) 216 911
Email contact:
The International SOS Phnom Penh Clinic specializes in delivering 24-hour medical in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. In cooperation with International SOS' global network, International SOS Cambodia coordinates services on a global basis for travelers when they require assistance. International SOS Cambodia has access to charter aircraft within Cambodia for domestic and international services.

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