How about the climate and when is the best time to travel in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia?

Laos: The rainy season is from May to October. During this time, the tropical lowlands average 30 degrees celsius, while the mountains remain cooler. The first half of the ‘dry’ season isfrom November to February; temperatures during this time range from 10 to 25 degrees celsius.

Mornings and evenings in the north of Laos around Luang Prabang can be quite cool at this time of the year. During the second half of the ‘dry’ season - from March to June - the temperature can rise to up to 35 degrees celsius. The dry season (from November to February) is the favourite time of many travellers.

Cambodia: The most pleasant being the dry season from November to March when temperatures are slightly cooler with little rain. The hot season lasts from March to May with average temperatures from 29 to 38 degrees Celcius. The rainy season, which is both hot and humid, is from June to October (the wettest months are August to September). During this period it rains for a short time in the afternoon, temple moats are full, the scenery is greener, and there are fewer people at the temples. Many people prefer to travel at this time of the year.

Viet nam: Travelling through Vietnam, you will notice a big difference in climate between the north and the south. In the north the raining season starts in july  august, end in september. The south of Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh City) is near the equator, so It has two season: raining and dry season. The raining season stars around: March to October and The dry season from November to April. During the raining season it rain nearly every day but just for haft an hour to one hour and then shining again.
The best time to visit Vietnam ( Also the tourist season for westerner) is between November to April when the weather tend to be good in both North and South. For more details click here

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